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    • Our Motocross bikes are designed for children aged  from 6 yrs to 12 yrs (under 5ft 1" ideally). 

    • Our smaller bikes are designed for children aged from 4 to 6, they have the option of stabilisers.

    • For Teenagers we can provide the adult sized bikes but size, height and ability do dictate the usage. 

    • Our track at High Voltage MX, is designed with a  safety first attitude. No ropes, No large wooden posts.

    • We cater for all types of children, fast learners, and also children that need a bit more guidance & special needs.

    • At High Voltage MX, our main aim is that the children leave with new skills and a huge smile.

    Our aim at High Voltage MX is to introduce Motocross to girls and boys aged from 4 years old. We cater from the absolute beginner to the more experienced of riders and spot those potential Champions to train them for racing at Championship level.


    At High Voltage MX, we realise that all children are different, some get to grips with the bikes quicker than others, That is why we always start them off on the slowest setting, check their balance and throttle control.

    Parents you can ride with your children. Hire the track privately and have the best family experience ever!


    We have been working with children with different disabilities and we have identified many benefits from the riding.



    Autistic children are affected by loud and frightening noises.  Our bikes are SILENT and give a unique opportunity for Autistic children to experience the fun and excitement of riding a motocross bike on a dirt track. There is the freedom of riding the bike and the exhilaration of “the feeling” of riding.  Confidence building through being totally in control.  Any difficulties at the beginning can be overcome with using stabiliers if Proprioception is a factor.


    ADAHD & Learning Difficulties

    We have given confidence to children who have never ridden without stabilisers, and by the end of their session they are stabiliers free.  The two wheels focuses children who find it difficult to focus in general life.  They listen and change when learning and riding the bikes, especially 2 wheels. Again this brings great confidence and attitude changes.


    Behavioural Issues

    We have found that Jason can really engage with the children,  makes them enjoy the learning. He makes its interesting and exciting.  We have seen confidence building, calming, enjoyment and learning new skills.


    We have had 100% fantastic feedback from every parent / guardian, who have said that Jason’s techniques, care, encouragement and nurturing behaviour towards the children have brought a side out that the parents had never seen.



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High Voltage MX Park

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High Voltage MX Park​



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